Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Wedding

Andrea & Walter were married at 1:22 pm on Sunday.  Thanks for being present! We will post pics soon.  

 For weekend events see the Casual Entertainments post.

If you are attending the wedding dinner and dance on Saturday and the wedding on Sunday and wish lodging ideas : see the Location and Lodging post.  We will be there Thursday through Sunday.

"Walter and the Port Townsend house". And yes, it is random to have a house on a wedding info website.  Imagine "vase of hydrangea flowers" here instead if you lean toward the traditional....
This might not be a traditional wedding.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Location and Lodging

Fort Worden is in Port Townsend. Labeled "a Victorian Seaport" it is a small picturesque (and need we say) funky town at the NE corner of the Olympic Peninsula.  It has lots of what Andrea and Walter are fond of : sailboats, beer, fine baked goods and old houses that need work.  From Seattle, it is a 30 minute ferry ride, and an hour drive.  (*This may be Andrea/Walter speed time measuring since we note the directions below say it takes much longer.)

 Lodging ideas for Port Townsend can be found here:

Our friend Ginnie just started a glamping rental on her property on airbnb

There is lodging available in Fort Worden

The weekend is yours to discover, with some random events thrown in (such as - a wedding, a meal or two, music, night exploration).  Port Townsend has some great museums (history, planes) art galleries, pubs, and a place to get popcorn.  All the impo things in life.

Casual Entertainments & Serious Refreshments

Andrea and Walter after a torrential downpour on the Acropolis. 
Organized Events-

Friday : Book Club (Beer Club over 21)
             Late night bunker walk
Saturday :   
                   Origami and Flower Arranging
                   Dinner with an amazing band
                   Late night flashlight bunker walk
Sunday:      A wedding!

Building 204 - Dinner location on Saturday, wedding on Sunday! 

Friday, July 17, 2015


We won't be registered anywhere. You are welcome, (not required!)  to bring an edible gift (appetizer or dessert - a petite amount) or a bottle of craft beer if you are able to attend the Saturday night supper on October 3rd.  It is a catered event so we don't need anything - there will be an enormous amount of food. Several full kitchens are available all weekend for your use if you need one.
Cheesy but true, we would love your participation as your gift.  That's it.